Welcome to my site. My name is Pam Perkins.  So how did this business start? I loved going to gem shows to see the rocks in their natural state, then going to a bead store I had an epiphany.  I always attended craft shows to buy earrings, I thought let's combine those beautiful stones, make them into earrings and pins, and see what happens.  Well it's been a few years and the business is growing.

Where is the Small Town Girl from?  The large metrpolis of Cayuga, NY.  Those familiar with the Finger Lakes will know exactly where it is.  And please don't confuse it with Keuka!  

Small Town Girls learn how to make plain stuff into beautiful items.  In this case it's Earrings for every kind of ear.   I've been busy learning new techniques, new wire colors (I'm the only one I know that uses color copper wire so far) and finding very interesting semi precious stones. 

The pictures in the next pages show just a small sampling of what I have.  I've gone bead crazy and have "thousands" of earrings ready for purchase. I use copper wire primarily, and colored copper wire in the  french loop style.  I've now added Sterling Silver earrings for those folks who need a non-allergenic metal. I also use a variety of semi precious stones like purple amethyst, hematite, picture agate, jasper, aquamarine, and snowflake agate to name a few.  If you are aware of crystal values they also have healing and spiritual qualities. I've also added pins to my creations - hand crafted and stick pins to be worn on jackets, scarves, pashminas and hats.

I'm a member of Rochester Artisans, what a great group of inventive, talented people who make me want to do my best. I'm also on Facebook and Pintrest. You can reach me by email at pjp@frontiernet.net

I want to thank my friend for making my displays.  I gave him my design and he built them. I painted them, put the fabric on and wow I love them.  You can always find me at a show with the bright aqua blue. Here they are:


 Here's my schedule for this coming 2016 season:

St. John Christian                                    Victor, NY                            10/22 Sat 10-4

Faith Lutheran Church                          Rochester, NY                     10/29 Sat 10-4

Plymouth Spiritualist Church              Rochester, NY                      11/5 Sat 10-4

Temple B'rith Kodesh                            Brighton, NY                        11/6 Sun 10-4

Second Saturday at Village Gate         Rochester, NY                      11/12 Sat 10-5

Minerva Deland Craft Show                 Fairport, NY                         11/19 Sat 10-4 

School #46 on Newcastle                      Rochester NY                       12/3  Sat 9-4  

Second Saturday at Village Gate          Rochester, NY                     12/10 Sat 10-5     

Rochester Makerspace                          Rochester, NY                      12/18 Sun 12-4                         


                            I'm on my way to being rich and famous watch out.  I was interviewed by the Buffalo Rocket and here's the article...

BUFFALO ROCKET ISSUE 24 THURSDAY, June 17, 2010   Ode to Allentown

Stories and Photographs by Franklin Aquilina

I have to admit that sometimes I take the Allentown Art Festival for granted. After all, it’s been around for fifty-three years. “I’ll catch it next time,” I’ve said one too many times. Last year I suppose I was too busy to look at art. The year before that I think I was out of town. This past Sunday, however, reminded me why I love it so much. The inspiration was reignited when my eighteen year old nephew, Daniel, called me to see “what was up.” I asked him if he and his friends were going to the Art Festival. “What’s that?” he asked. “I’ve never been.”  See the whole article "A Story" below for my debut.  


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