Welcome to my site. I loved going to gem shows to see the rocks in their natural state, then going to a bead store I had an epiphany.  I always attended craft shows to buy earrings, I thought let's combine those beautiful stones, make them into earrings and pins, and see what happens.  Small Town Girls learn how to make plain stuff into beautiful items.  In this case it's earrings and pins using a variety of copper wire and color copper wire. I'm the only one I know that uses color copper wire so far.

Where is the Small Town Girl from?  The large metropolis of Cayuga, NY.  Those familiar with the Finger Lakes will know exactly where it is.  And please don't confuse it with Keuka!  

I'm a member of Rochester Area Vendors, what a great group of inventive, talented people who make me want to do my best. I'm also on Facebook and Pintrest. You can reach me by email at pjp@frontiernet.net

I want to thank my friend for making my displays.  I gave him my design and he built them. I painted them, put the fabric on and wow I love them.  You can always find me at a show with the bright aqua blue. Here they are:


 Here's my schedule for this coming 2018 season:

 July 4th at Studio  RAD 46 Mt. Hope                 7/4/18                                                                         Lavender Festival in N. Rose                                7/14/18                                                                   Second Saturday at the Village Gate                    9/8/18                                                                 Winton Rd Neighborhood Arts Festival              9/15/18                                                                   Artist's Row at the Public Market                         9/16/18                                                             Garden FACTORY Art Show                                  9/22/18                                                                 Second Saturday at The Village Gate                    10/13/18, 11/10/18, 12/8/18                                     Minerva DeLand School                                          11/17/18                                                                                                           



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