A creative artisan is always looking to find ways to grow and offer new products.  I knew how to knit and thought what if I made scarves to go with the pins I make.  I wanted something that would have a visual impact and draw the eye to my pin, so here they are.  They are made from Lion Brand Thick and Quick yarn which is acrylic.  They are washable and very soft.

I'm making pins using especially jaspers and agates that have natural beauty and are a work of art on their own. Many of the pins are made with a variety of colored copper wire.  And I also use gold and silver stick pins and silver hijabs too. 

See the Chakra chart below, that talks about your energy centers or chakras. Each center has a stone that help enhance your sense of well being. There's lots of information about this and when you purchase pins and earrings I have information on what the stone can do to help you feel great and look fabulous.


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